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Are there any over-the-ear Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones that can be brought under Rs. 6,000?
Best Headphones for Wireless Connectivity under Rs 6000People tend to purchase headphones more times than they buy clothing. There are many low-end headphones in the market that tend to break down in a month or two. The high-end ones come at a price, but there are quite a few durable headphones below Rs. 6000.1. CrossBeats Pulse bluetooth HeadphoneHaving an overall rating of 3.8 / 5 aggregated from 198, this product is at the top of the list for Best Headphones for Wireless Connectivity under Rs 6000Highlights: WirelessHere is the summary of reviews for CrossBeats Pulse bluetooth HeadphoneWireless Connectivity - Best bluetooth earphone ever.Sound Clarity - Amazing sound feature / Sound much better.Value For Money - Very much value for money.Battery - Battery backup is also very good.Bass - Amazing product with a great bass.Build Quality - Excellent build quality / Built in mic.Also ranked 1 in this list of the Best Headphones for Calls under Rs 3500Grab this headphone at the best price of?3239 now.For product details and user reviews, do go thorough this CrossBeats Pulse bluetooth Headphone2. Plantronics Voyager Edge Headset with MicOverall Rating: 3.1 / 5 based on 41 reviews.Highlights: bluetoothHere is the summary of reviews for Plantronics Voyager Edge Headset with MicWireless Connectivity - Best featured bluetooth I have ever.Sound Clarity - Cons Pros Excellent sound quality.Battery - Case with extra battery is great.Design - Really impressed with cute design.Performance - Happy with it 's performance so far.Ranked # 2 among the Best Headphones for Calls under Rs 8000Get this headphone at the best price of?5990. Click here for latest price, reviews and offers avialble right now Plantronics Voyager Edge Headset with Mic3. Sony SBH20 Headset with MicOverall Rating: 3.6 / 5 based on 318 reviews.Highlights: bluetoothHere is the summary of reviews for Sony SBH20 Headset with MicWireless Connectivity - Awesome Bluetooth headset.Sound Clarity - Sound quality is very clear.Value For Money - Not as per its cost.Battery - Battery life so powerful.Bass - Awesome bass blaster / Bass is good.Design - Very well designed product / Nice design.The best price I found online for this headphone at the time of writing this answer was?3590 Sony SBH20 Headset with Mic4. Philips SHB7250/00 bluetooth HeadphoneOverall Rating: 3.5 / 5 based on 120 reviews.Highlights: WirelessHere is the summary of reviews for Philips SHB7250/00 bluetooth HeadphoneWireless Connectivity - Wireless headphone in this prize range.Sound Clarity - Sound becomes amazing / Very good sound.Value For Money - Very good headphone in this price.Build Quality - Good build quality / Pros Well built.Battery - Beat along with excellent battery backup.Comfort - Highly comfortable to ear cups / No pain.The best price I found online for it at the time of writing this answer was?3949 Philips SHB7250/00 bluetooth HeadphoneHope this helps. Thanks!PS: Now that you have all this list of knowledge in your back pocket, it's time to put it to use by identifying the Best Headphones for Wireless Connectivity under Rs 6000 and don forget to Compare Compare: CrossBeats Pulse bluetooth Headphone vs Plantronics Voyager Edge Headset with Mic
What is the preferred word for saying throw in common conversation, is it “parveyu” or “visuru”. In movies I have mostly heard “parveyu”. Is there any context where these have to be distinctly used?
Speaking from my knowledge about a spoken dialect, p?raw?yu is not particularly used for ‘to throw• for which wisuru (see A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary entry 5450) is one of the most apt verbs to be used. In fact, the w?yu part seen in p?raw?yu is another verb that can be used to indicate a meaning of ‘to throw• among others (see DEDR entries 5532, 5534, and 805. It appears an extra w got into the word in some older stage of Telugu which originally probably did not have the w, likely by hypercorrection) and it historically did at least, when compound verbs like p?raw?yu (which is so highly used in practice that it got subjected to the (still-not-considered grammatical?) phonological change that randomly eliminates the word-initial w in many words, to become p?r?yu (from p?ra +?yu with atva sandhi) ) came into being.p?raw?yu (or p?r?yu) indicates a meaning of ‘to dispose off [something]’. It’s like ‘to throw away [something]• rather than ‘to throw’, even if it may be used to indicate the latter meaning also perhaps, but we in my home use the compound mainly to indicate the meaning of ‘to dispose of/to get rid of [waste, etc.]’. Historically too, it appears p?raw?yu arose as p?ra(n) + w?yu, p?ra(n), the infinitive form of the intransitive verb p?ru, meaning either ‘to run, flow• (see DEDR 4020, 3963) or ‘to spread• (see DEDR 3949) (it is likely the thing associated with DEDR 4020/3963 is the relevant one here and the Telugu dictionaries at?????????????? Online Telugu Dictionary seem to think so) and w?yu, ‘throw’- that is, ‘to throw such that it runs/flows or spreads’, pointing to ‘disposing of• in a sense.
Is Vakrangee Ltd a good investment option for a 3-year time spam?
Vakrangee ServicesBFSI ServicesBasic banking services Deposits Recovery of Loans Insurance (life and non-life) Direct benefit transfer Pension transactionsG2C ServicesCollection Services:Utility ServicesCess CollectionTax CollectionRecruitment Application ProcessingGrievance ManagementIssuance of CertificatesB2C ServicesTelecomDirect to HomeEducation:E-LearningTextbooksTraining & CertificatesE-Governance ProjectsUIDAI (Aadhaar)Central Election CommissionPublic Distribution SystemIGRSMCA 21Passport Seva KendraStrategic ProjectsVAKRANGEE KENDRAWhite Label ATMsNOT VERY GOOD AT CURRENT VALUATIONIT IS DOING WONDERFUL WORK FOR FUTURE OF “DIGITAL INDIA”For financial year ending on 31 Mar 2022. VAKRANGEE LTD has reported1 Sales Growth : 41.21%2 Profit Increased : 61.09%3 Margin Improved : 1.43%4 Borrowings Reduced : -16.12%5 Share Price Increased : 20.04%For financial year ending on 31 Mar 2022. VAKRANGEE LTD has reported1 Sales Growth : 14.17%2 Profit Increased : 22.15%3 Margin Improved : 0.81%4 Borrowings Reduced : -20.09%5 Share Price Increased : 69.78%For financial year ending on 31 Mar 2022. VAKRANGEE LTD has reported1 Sales Growth : 24.63%2 Profit Increased : 33.55%3 Margin Improved : 0.88%4 Borrowings Reduced : -54.96%5 Share Price Increased : 69.23%For financial year ending on Mar-18 E, VAKRANGEE LTD is expected to report1 Sales Growth : 41.31%2 Profit Increased : 28.23%3 Margin Declined : -1.23%4 Borrowings Increased : 155.41%5 Share Price Decreased : -22.48%6 Estimated Share Price : INR 262.85For financial year ending on Mar-19 E, VAKRANGEE LTD is expected to report1 Sales Growth : 36.15%2 Profit Increased : 32.90%3 Margin Declined : -0.29%4 Borrowings Increased : 58.27%5 Share Price Increased : 32.90%6 Estimated Share Price : INR 349.3Below are some of the Financial Ratios for VAKRANGEE LTD for financial year ending on 31 Mar 2017:Net Income/Sales is 0.13Net Income/Pre Tax Income is 0.64Pre Tax Income/EBIT is 0.94EBIT/Sales is 0.22Sales/Assets is 1.74Assets/Equity is 1.10Return on Equity is 25%Return on Assets is 23%Retention Based Growth Rate is 25%Market Capitalisation is INR 17941 croresAdd: Debt is INR 144 croresLess: Non Current Investments is INR 20 croresEnterprise Value is INR 18066 croresNet Profit is INR 523 croresAdd: Interest is INR 50 croresLess : Tax Savings on Interest is INR 18 croresLess : Other Income is INR 14 croresFirm Profits is INR 541 croresSales is INR 3949 croresAdd: Other Income is INR 14 croresTotal Income is INR 3963 croresFirm Margin is 14%Enterprise Value to Total Income is 4.56 (below 2 is better)Enterprise Value to Total Income to Firm Margin is 33.38 (below 15 is investments friendly)Price to Earning is 34.31 (below 18 is investments friendly)Price to Book Value is 8.71 (below 2 is investments friendly)Debt to Equity is 0.07 (below 2 is investments friendly)Free Cash Flow to Firm is INR 271 croresFree Cash Flow to Equity is INR 221 croresPrice to Earning Growth is 1.02Quantamental Reports - Research Wings*Page 1*Introduction about the company - This information is available online on the company's website or Business & Financial News, U.S & International Breaking News | Reuters*Page 2 and 3*This section is the summary of last 2 Years, current years and next two years estimated major growth rates and degrowth rates.This section also have a summary of all the analysis about previous years important ratios. Most of the definitions can be found Investopedia - Sharper Insight. Smarter Investing..Newly introduced concepts in these section are explained below:*Enterprise Value* is Market Capitalisation Add: Debt Less: Non Current Investments*Firm Profits* is Net Profit Add: Interest Less : Tax Savings on Interest Less : Other Income*Total Income* is Sales Add: Other Income*Firm Margin* is Firm Profits divided by Total Income*Enterprise Value to Total Income* is Enterprise Value divided by Total Income (below 2 is better)*Enterprise Value to Total Income to Firm Margin* is Enterprise Value to Total Income divided by Firm Margin (below 15 is investments friendly)Historically have observed that company's with Enterprise Value to Total Income to Firm Margin *less than 15* have outperformed the market and also have delivered return over and above 25% annually.*Page 4 - 5* - What If Analysis - ProjectionsThis section contains the projection of abridged profit and loss account, abridged cash flow statement, abridged balance sheet, financial ratios and also a section for assumtions on sales growth and EBITDA margins.There is also a section which show impact of unfavorable or favorable profit growth with unfavorable or favorable price to earning ratio on the stock prices. This reflects the sensitivity of the investments in that stock.*Page 6-7* - Extended Financial Ratio analysis for past 10 years and next 5 years projections.*Page 8* - Charts of important Extended Financial Ratio analysis and price of the stock for past 10 years and next 5 years projections.*Page 9* - Discounted Cash Flow - Fair Value Price analysis using prevailing market beta and prevailing risk free rate. This should be above current price to make the stock investible.
If the Bible is true, why does it say that the earth is only 6000 years old?
When it comes to reconciling faith and science, Christians need to start talking about the elephant in the room. That is the belief by many that God created the universe 6000 years ago in seven literal days compared with most scientific observations which places it at approximately 14 billion years. There are at least three basic ways to do this.1.Reject all of science and believe some guys interpretation of the reading of Genesis as saying the earth is only 6000 years old. (not recommended)2.Believe the science and believe in the good news of Jesus Christ and just don’t think or care about the debate going on. (better but still very unsatisfying)3.Believe that truth is truth. Know that the bible is true, and that science is also true and seek answers to apparent contradictions.I address this to those in the third group. There are some interesting theories out there that make good attempts to reconcile what we see with what we believe. I’ve seen a lot of them talked about except this one. To me this is a game changer because it accepts a literal interpretation of Genesis and fully embraces modern science. Give me a minute and I will get to this little talked about creation theory. But first let me get this out of the way.The Bible is not a science book. It is a book of covenants between God and Man. However, it does make certain absolute statements that we base our faith on and these are the points that we hope to find confirmation of in our search for truth. Here are what I believe are a couple absolute truths the bible states.1.God is the creator of the universe and therefore the universe had a beginning.2.All people are descended from Adam and Eve and are born under the curse of original sin3.There was a flood that wiped out humanity except those on the arkThese are what I call “Deal breakers.” If these are not true, one would have a hard time believing the rest of it. But I’ll just stop right here and say that for me, there are no deal breakers. I believe with all my heart that Genesis is true. However, if I was shown that it was allegorical, I would still be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.There are interesting theories to support all three statements which I look forward to sharing. But for the purposes of this post we are dealing with number one; God is the creator and therefore the universe had a beginning.Modern atheists claim the “Big Bang Theory” as a triumph of science over faith. However, the truth is quite different. The discovery of the cosmic background radiation which confirmed the theory actually caused a consternation among some atheistic scientists who preferred to believe that the universe itself was eternal and always existed, negating the need for a creation, and a creator. So, the “Big Bang” replaced the “Steady State Theory” and remains to this day as a solid proof of the first three words in the book of Genesis. “In the beginning….”But while this should have been embraced as a victory for people of faith, it instead became a point of contention because they didn’t want to reconcile the billions of years apparent in the age of the universe and the BELIEF that the bible teaches a creation only a few thousand years old.And now I would like to share this little known or talked about creation theory. It accepts a literal interpretation of Genesis and yet has no contradiction with modern science!It is called the “Days of Proclamation.” I first heard about it from a man named Glen Morton. I found him online in the debate forums about creationism. Since then I have read all his self-published books and found his theories to be quite original and compelling!Briefly and in my own words it goes something like this:The six days of creation were six literal 24-hour days. In those six days God imagined, planned, designed, engineered and “specked out” the entire physical universe. He created the laws that would govern the properties of light, the laws of physics, quantum mechanics, the formation of galaxies, stars, and planets. He determined how all the elements would form in the nuclear fusion process of a star, then slowly burn and explode and scatter throughout the galaxy. He determined the boiling point of water, the properties of snow, the structure of a cell. He designed and picked an ordinary planet to evolve that would support life and give a good view of the universe. While the universe was created to be vast, it was designed to house a small insignificant planet where he would place his special creation• man.So, the six days of creation were six days of planning and proclaiming the world man would live in and the universe around them. On day seven, God rested. God rested from the work of planning and engineering. He set everything in motion with the singularity that began with the evolution of the universe 14 billion years ago.Much of the language in chapter one and two of genesis speaks of God saying for example, “Let there be light.” Or “Let the waters teem with living creatures.” I no longer picture this as God snapping his fingers and things instantly appearing out of nowhere. I prefer to think of it as him brooding in front of a set of blueprints and pondering changes to his plan before putting his stamp of approval on them. Or maybe a 3d model of the earth and the universe around it• thinking about the how placing the Andromeda galaxy 30 million light years away would capture the imagination of some of his creation. What would they think when they first realize this is a galaxy, equal to the one they are living in and the universe is suddenly many orders of magnitude greater than they thought?? Will their imaginations begin to understand my eternal power and divine nature??So, there it is. Simple, yet elegant. No need for debate about how light was created on day one and the sun was created on day 3. Or how could it be that land-based animals came before sea-based ones. The order is not necessarily how things evolved. It’s perhaps the order they were conceived in His mind. But certainly, the order they were spoken into existence. And the phrase at the end of each day, “and God saw that it was good.” Could be him looking at his multidimensional model• or looking into the future and seeing what the fruit of his labors would produce.God is a spirit and existed in the spiritual world before there was a physical universe. Now that we are beginning to understand the complexities of the physical world it is so much more interesting to think of God as a careful planner, a thoughtful and meticulous engineer, a patient farmer. It took a lot of thought, calculations, and planning to put together the blueprints for the universe in a mere week! Then he packed it all up into a singularity in such a way that all that he had spoken would come to pass.Then he rested. And waited…;"";""
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