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How do you report someone to the IRS?
If you believe that someone is violating federal tax laws, the best way to report them to the IRS is by filling out a 3949-A form.Fill out and print the form and mail it to:Internal Revenue Service CenterStop 31313Fresno, CA 93888Another way to report IRS fraud is to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for the Criminal Investigation Hotline in your area.You may also want to report an individual or business for tax fraud. Tax fraud can consist of a variety of different activities designed to reduce or eliminate taxes owed by an individual or business.Examples of tax fraud include under-reporting income, keeping two sets of books, claiming personal expenses as business expenses, claiming other false deductions, or hiding or transferring assets or income. You may also use the form 3949-A to report IRS tax fraud, just print and fill out the form and mail it to the address above.The form 3939-A requests a significant amount of information pertaining to the individual you are reporting. Among other things, you will need to provide the name and address of the tax payer. You should also be prepared to submit any documents that you have that will substantiate your claims, or you must indicate that you don't have access to any documentation.Significantly, while you may provide your name and address, it is not required that you identify yourself. Therefore, the form 3939-A may be used to report tax fraud or evasion anonymously.
How do I tip off the income tax department about a person with too much illegal wealth, without being traced? I don't want my name to be known in any form.
As a taxpayer, I get pretty upset with tax cheaters, especially the big time ones.The US government has a whistleblower program where people that have solid evidence of tax fraud can report someone and collect up to 30% or the back taxes and penalties. Whistleblower Informant Award | Internal Revenue ServiceThe IRS received more than 87,000 reports of alleged misdeeds during the 2022 fiscal year, according to the Government Accountability Office.You can file IRS Form 3949-A to report the alleged cheater and walk away. But if you want a reward, file Form 211 instead, says Bob Gardner, a consultant and former manager in the IRS whistle-blower office.Whistle-blowers can get 15% to 30% of the amount collected if the case involves more than $2 million in taxes, penalties, interest and other amounts. (If the suspected cheater is an individual, he or she must also make more than $200,000 a year.) Below those thresholds, the award is discretionary. In 2022. the rewards totaled more than $103 million for 99 whistle-blowers. How to report a tax cheat and get a reward (it's not easy)Those filing to recovery a reward obviously cannot file anonymously. If this is a really big case, some coordinate their reporting through a whistle-blower or tax attorney.There is an anonymous tip form that has no reward associated with it.
How do I anonymously report someone to the FBI?
Just don’t give them your name and tell them you want to remain anonymous.At a certain level in gravity of the circumstances, I’d also be cautious about what means you use to communicate with them. If you are seriously concerned about your identity being discovered then it’s better to take unnecessary proactive measures than it is to try to implement them once they've become necessary.Normally, I wouldn’t have much concern that law enforcement would backtrack your report to figure out who you are but I’m guessing it’s a pretty serious issue if you’re thinking the FBI would be concerned (it’s pretty unlikely they’ll do anything unless it’s something impossible to ignore).By remaining anonymous you aren’t going to give them very much to work with. Even if you’re reporting something really serious, the fact that you refuse any accountability for the information creates a really shakey foundation to premise a serious investigation on.The fact that they can’t even prove you exist means that basically anything you tell them will have to be discovered by some means that is totally independent of your report to them. In some cases that might be impossible. In any case it’s gonna require a lot more time and resources than it otherwise might if you just went on record.It’s very unlikely to be the case but I have to imagine that if knowing your identity was somehow critical to national security, they wouldn’t have a lot of options. They would have to weigh the potential consequences of doing nothing against those for betraying your confidence.Mostly, I think you should just go on record and report the information you have. If that’s not something you’re willing to do though, and anonymity is crucial to your making the report, then I would use the tips-line information provided to you in the other answers. Additionally, I would take extra precautions surrouding the means of communication you use to contact the FBI. For example: don’t call them from your home phone, don’t file an online report from your desktop computer, don’t buy a burner phone with your credit card, etc.Anyhow, hopefully this question isn’t regarding anything serious and these are all just hypothetical musings. Also, hopefully you aren’t asking because you want to make false reports or anything f’d up like that.
What can I do with $1m of illegal cash?
There are plenty of ways to launder money, but they all require work, which criminals usually avoid. Which is why criminals are often found in penitentiaries. Regardless, if you don't want to open a coin operated laundromat (which would be my #1 choice) here are some other options....1) Do what everybody with cash does: buy a dilapidated house on a mortgage. Refurbish the house by paying for parts and labour in cash. Wait a year. Sell the house. Pay your capital gains tax on the "profits" with the relevant tax authorities. The profits are now clean and bleached. Repeat as needed, or until such time as the laundry is done.2) Fly to Hong Kong, deposit your funds with your friendly Hong Kong banker in a commercial account. Buy hard goods in China. Ship them to your place of business at a reasonable profit. Sell the goods. Pay your taxes on your profits. Laundry is done when you are no longer profitable. 3) Buy a restaurant. Make sure your bills are lightly covered in flour, before you deposit them at the local bank. File your taxes on time. Pay the taxes on the profit. Sell the business for book value or find somebody else with a laundry problem at 3X Ebitda. Don't get greedy, those that pay 3-5 times Ebitda for a restaurant know the difference between a wise ass and a wise guy. 4) Buy gold from gold brokers. Re-cast it so the serial numbers are gone. Wait for grandma to die. Make sure she leaves you her favorite chest of drawers in the her will. Take possession of said furniture. Claim you found the gold stashed behind the drawers. File your inheritance tax form with the tax authorities. Make sure you pay off all your relatives, in case they decide to contest the will.5) Start a diamond business. Wash, dry, repeat.SOME OBSERVATIONS:Untaxed money is useless. You cannot spend it and you cannot invest it. "Illegal cash" implies that the law was broken in acquiring the cash. All criminals are eventually caught, on one charge or another. Or another criminal shoots the offending criminal first. If not paying your taxes on legal profits is the end game, you are as dumb as a stump and I don't see how you could have made the money in the first place. There are plenty of legal ways to postpone and finesse the payment of taxes on profitable operations. Universities put out accountants by the hundreds of thousands, and they have certifying bodies, that can vouch for their competencies.
How can someone report anonymously to the police?
While wearing rubber gloves and your hazmat suit, write the report on paper you’ve never touched with bare skin. Then tie your report to a brick and throw it through a police station window, or the side window of a patrol car, then run away very fast (in both cases, run very fast, and wear a mask and a hoodie).If you’d like a less exciting ways to get them your report:Send them a letter with no return address.Buy a burner phone[1] and call the report in.Call the “We Tip”[2] line if the locals have one.Go to a public library:[3]Send them an e-mail from a fictitious account.Send them a fax from a library public PC.Hire an attorney[4] to represent you and make your report. If the special prosecutor and FBI aren’t interested in someone else your attorney represents, you are probably safe.Call your local newspaper and see if they want to buy the story instead, and they can tell the police. You might even get to be a “Deep Throat”[5]Remember, if your safety or life will be in danger, don’t trust the police 100% to keep your identity secret. Police departments are staffed by humans and mistakes happen. You have to decide how much risk you are willing to take.Always remember Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone. Here is that case that decided that: TOWN OF CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO v. GONZALES, INDIVIDUALLY AND A NEXT BEST FRIEND OF HER DECEASED MINOR CHILDREN, GONZALES ET AL. [6] Please note “HER DECEASED MINOR CHILDREN.”Have fun storming the castle.Ciao.Footnotes[1] Why you might want to own a 'burner phone'[2] WeTip Anonymous Crime Reporting Hotline - Information - Enforcement[3] Library Privacy Guidelines for Public Access Computers and Networks[4] The Crime-Fraud Exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege[5] Deep Throat (Watergate) - Wikipedia[6] https://www.law.cornell.edu/supc...;""
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