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How does the IRS find out if a person does not pay taxes? Does your bank share your account information with the IRS?
If you only make $12.00 per hour and you work for 7 hours each day for five days each week then you make $420 each week.If the company is paying with a check then this check will include your name and the IRS will know you have this money.If the check is made to the name of your company and you are the sole owner of this company then they know you have this money.If the company is sending you this money by PayPal or by wire transfer or any other electronic way then they know you have this money.You cannot move money from one bank account to another without the IRS knowing it.I am talking about a regular bank account in the United States of America. Clearly you are not a drug dealer with numbered accounts in Switzerland.The only possibility is your boss is paying this $420 IN CASH.NOTE TO THE IRS: I think every company in the United States of America should pay their employees with a deposit to a debit card or to a credit card to prevent this tax evasion situation.If you have a bank account and you are saving $210 or 50% of your salary for a rainy day then the IRS will know at the very least that you are getting paid $210 each week.If you don’t have a bank account and you are saving your $210 under the matress then you are a fool because a burglar may enter your house one day and steal your matress and your entire life savings.A wiser financial strategy is to open a brokerage account with RobinHood and invest your $210 in the stock markets in the United States of America.I don’t mean by yourself.You can easily hire a professional portfolio manager to manage your brokerage account remotely.Some professional portfolio managers can probably double your cash in 25 months or less.This is exactly like getting a promotion at your job and each week you would get a bigger paycheck.You need to invest in the stock markets.You cannot live in the shadows just because you don’t want to pay your taxes.Open a brokerage account today.Get back to me after your brokerage account is open and funded and I will point you in the right direction.
How much money is awarded annually for crime tips?
Statistically, almost none. There are several agencies that offer rewards of up to• But, do they pay? Fewer than 2% of people eligible actually claim a reward. Do cash rewards actually help catch criminals? - BBC NewsCrime Stoppers USA 1-800-222-TIPS says; Rewards Paid $107,570. Crimestoppers says that "due to its anonymous nature" it is unable to say whether any particular crime has been solved with the help of rewards. [It is also hard to prove that rewards were paid to “anonymous.”]The IRS Whistleblower - Informant AwardIf you suspect a person is committing tax fraud and report it, you could receive up to 15 percent to 30 percent of the unpaid tax amount that is collected, with a maximum award of $10 million.How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity? …have information and want to claim a reward Use Form 211.A story about long deceased friends of mine: In 1991, the ex-wife of drug dealer Klaus Frodert, turned him into police in exchange for 10% of the cash seized. What she got was from the IRS, 10% of the taxes owed on the seized cash (as unreported income).NOTED: There are no public records of IRS Informant Awards that have been paid.
Why is income redistribution such a problem for Republicans? Provide data and any other quantitative evidence.
Income redistribution is an assault on Property Rights which are essential to properly functioning Markets (economics) . In practice, when the government has the power to redistribute wealth, that wealth will find its way to those who are politically connected, not those who need it (like the left wants), or those who earned it (like the right wants).Just look at the income or wealth distribution of a communist country: it's not flat as one would expect, because the people connected to the government have all the wealth while everyone else is dirt poor, and they didn't earn it, they stole it. The right believes in strong property rights and the power of free markets and wants a Meritocracy. What has happened in the USA is that government programs frequently socialize the costs while privatizing the profits, and this is one cause of Economic Inequality. It is Corporatism a.k.a. Crony Capitalism a.k.a. Corruption a.k.a. Fascism a.k.a. Stealing, and it should outrage both the left and the right.P.S. I am not a Republican, but as a Libertarian, my positions on Financial issues are similar to some Republicans.Extra: Since this question is related to the wealth gap, there is another cause for the increasing wealth gap: Government Budget Deficits. The U.S. Federal Reserve financing the U.S. Federal Budget Deficit is the equivalent of printing money. That not only leads to Inflation (economics), but it directly benefits the banks at the expense of everyone else. Besides that, inflation actually benefits both the rich (who hold more assets than cash and are able to find ways to profit from inflation) and the heavily indebted who see the real value of their debts disappear, provided they have fixed interest rates. This ability to make money without being productive (like the banks profiting from Government deficits and the new Fed money) is a disincentive to actually doing something productive to make money. Without inflation, trading (as opposed to investing) in the financial markets would be a Zero-Sum Game.
Why do so many people refuse to acknowledge the deep state?
Before I get started on the “WHY” in the question I’d like to point out that it is funny to me that Republicans think that the government is mostly useless and incompetent until it comes to the deep state, where the government is somehow extremely competent at thwarting the Republican agenda. We in the government must only be good at being bad.So, to the question:Why do so many people refuse to acknowledge the deep state?It’s possible they “refuse to acknowledge the deep state” because they either work in the government or they know someone who does.The government is made up of the people of the country. Some Democrats, some Republicans, some middle left, some middle right, some crazy far right, some crazy far left, you name it, the government has them working in it.Like the private sector, the sacred sector (churches) and the non-profit sector, the government has its share of really super hard workers, average workers and lazy workers. Mostly it has workers that want to do their job, get a good review, keep their once legendary - but now average insurance, and help the people they are paid to help. They don’t make a ton of money, but their job is maybe slightly more secure than in the private sector. I say “slightly” because it is absolutely possible for a government worker to be fired for cause.That last point is important. I’m going to repeat it. In the government YOU CAN BE FIRED FOR CAUSE. That means, if my boss, or my boss’s boss tells me to do something that is part of my job, I have to do it. I can’t say, “No, I’m not doing that because it doesn’t fit with the liberal agenda.” If I do, I get written up. If I do it a second time, do you know what I get? I get fired.What the government doesn’t have is people who thwart and undo the very job that they are paid to do. And here is the reason why. It’s very logical and I’ve actually already alluded to it. You’ll catch on in a second. Here’s an example:GOV’T OFFICE A has 20 workers. 3 of them are staunch Republicans, one of those may even be so right as to consider herself a nationalist, but she keeps it to herself. 5 of those 20 are openly liberal. The other 12 employees either do not discuss politics or they simply don’t care.So, as happens in government departments from time to time, the political party in control of this office changed. It went from historically Democrat to Republican. Everyone in the office is aware that things could change in how the department operates. Some of the Republican workers have actually been outspoken about hoping things change. Then things do change. Policy from the central office changes in the form of memos about where the department will focus it’s money and effort. This includes new things workers are expected to do and old things workers are expected to no longer do.Now, what do you think would happen if one or many of the Democrat or liberal workers in that office decided to thwart the efforts of the new administration in that government agency?The answer is simple and logical. The Republican workers would report it. As they should! The workers that were not doing their job would get written up. If they did not do their job after that they’d get fired. That’s how businesses work. It’s how the government works too.The government is made up OF THE PEOPLE. It is not made up of clandestine, under cover, liberal men and women in black with black glasses going by the name Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones.It’s made up of people. People that want to help people and want to keep their jobs.
What are some possible reasons for Arvind Kejriwal's resignation as Chief Minister?
Aww, look at all of us kids here turning into conspiracy theorists.Honestly, had it been someone else, it would have been fun for me to wonder "what could the million-dollar reason be", what could be the "game-plan" behind the dramatic move, where are the "masterminds" headed, yada yada yada; but with AAP and Kejriwal, meh, little left to the imagination. Short answer: Kejriwal resigned to get things straight and put some important points into people's perspective, and to clearly convey the message that "we are serious". But before anything else, it is worth listening to AAP's spokesperson about their reasons for quitting because honestly, they are quite candid about it themselves: AAP spokesperson Prithvi Reddy on why Arvind Kejriwal quitLonger answer: He gave the people of India a substantial glimpse of the kind of governance AAP has to offer: 49 days, edge-of-the-seat action, lots of things done—some more right than the others, lots of questions taken and bravely answered, some very interesting and convincing interviews given, lots of bold statements made—all in all, a very visible and out there picture painted by AAP in a rather short period of time. Like them or hate them, you just could not ignore them. Even if you are one of those who take zero interest in politics, you still have the key-words to discuss AAP—free water, FIR against Mukesh Ambani, accusations on BJP and Congress leaders, talks of media bias, something to do with subsidies in electricity-bills, sleeping on the roads to protest, no red-beacons on VIP vehicles, Somnath Bharti's night-raid, CAG audit, more audits... and so it goes.  Those who know better, or would like to know better, can refer to this: Aam Aadmi party report card: What Kejriwal's govt achieved in its 49 days - Hindustan TimesSo, you know that they have been around doing or saying something or the other, accusing someone or the other, and presenting some paper or the other. You probably don't approve of their methods or do, you probably doubt their intentions or don't, but the point is, irrespective of who you are or how (un)interested you are in the entire scheme of things, they gave you the trailer. Want to see more? Want to know what happens next? Get the tickets to see the whole movie. POINT MADE. Quoting Kejriwal from his interview with Barkha Dutt:We have left it in the hands of people, if they want us back in power, they will have to vote us into powerThe Janlokpal Bill—the bone of contention, the crux of the whole movement starting from Anna's sudden rise to the surge of AAP, and you underestimate its importance? Of course it cannot be the only reason for Kejriwal to resign, but it sure is the main reason for his resignation. Bending over the issue of the Lokpal bill would have been a much stronger indicator of failure than going easy with the promises about using ministerial privileges (read: cars and houses) which, despite being trivial, had earned Kejriwal and party a lot of flak. (sic)Why didn't they stick around and try to get it done? Let's hear it from Prashant Bhushan himself (source: Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation will go in AAP’s favour: Prashant Bhushan)Q. But shouldn't you have persevered longer to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed? BJP and the Congress were not opposed to the content but they wanted you to table it with the Centre's consent.PB: If we had sent the Bill to the Centre, they would have objected to it on some pretext or the other. The proposed law would have been stuck there. Moreover, the Congress and the BJP were opposing the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill for very small and irrelevant reasons. They were not relying on the Constitution of the country, but on some rule of an Act. The Constitution says that even if prior approval (of the Centre) is required, the passage of the Bill in the assembly is not rendered illegal or unconstitutional. The passed law would have to go to the president subsequently. But the opposition parties were not ready for that. We did not form the government to enjoy the perks of governance. If we can't even change the system to make it cleaner and participatory then what is the point of staying in power.They felt that the Congress and BJP would never let the bill become a reality after the FIR against Ambani because it was a pretty good picture of what they intend to do with the Lokpal. Quoting Kejriwal from the interview again:Our inside information was that they will create a ruckus, but allow the Bill to pass. However, after our move against Mukesh Ambani, we got information that they will not allow the bill to be passed.Now really, were they wrong? Knowing the Congress-BJP brand of politics, does anybody really think waiting would have led to anything?If their minority is a weakness, they would rather quit and come back only after they have gained the strength to fight. Congress-BJP games are not going to have them dance around like puppets. POINT MADE.Gives them an edge for the Lok-Sabha elections: In light of #1 and #2, and everything else that is hard to classify, the resignation certainly increases their chances of being voted for by the people because it adds to their credibility, among other things. There are people who were dubious about their style of politics, but are so intrigued and upset that the show ended so soon that they might vote for them just to see how they intend to change things on a large scale, or to simply enjoy seeing BJP and Congress crash on their faces, as revenge for all the years of exploitation.And that's what AAP folks feel too. Quoting Prashant Bhushan from the same interview: Q. How do you view the resignation from an electoral perspective?PB: I am sure the people will see that the Congress and BJP got together to bring down this government. And this happened immediately after an FIR was registered against Mukesh Ambani. I hope the media will also report the events correctly so that the people are not misled. But I think this [resignation] will go in the party's favour.They have learned that they must get their hands dirty if they want to clean the mess. They are steadily getting in shape to prepare for the battle. They cannot succeed without taking people along so they are being as open about their ideas and intentions as possible. This is their style of politics and they are brazenly playing it because they know it is the only way for them to succeed in their motives—whatever you may say they are is another debate. Basically, they know their shit. POINT MADE.     There is so much more I can say, but honestly, I don't think I need to. Like I already said, AAP folks are pretty vocal and candid about their reasons for resignation and everything else for that matter. Go watch their interviews and press-conferences, go read their blogs, go read their interview transcripts, you will get the answers. It's nothing "mysterious". Transparency and bluntness, I tell you. No spice. Yawn.
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