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The grammar of Sanskrit is precise and remains well defined. It is the only human language which has a fully  defined and context-free grammar.   Its grammar was fully described by P??ini, who composed 4,000 rules  for Sanskrit morphology.  The grammar for Sanskrit is complete -- they  fully describe Sanskrit morphology.Now  what does "context-free" mean? It simply means that the meaning of a  particular expression written in a grammar does not depend on the  context in which it is used. Let me give you a counter-example :1)Fruit flies like an apple2) Time flies like an arrowNow,  in the first sentence - "flies" is a noun and in the second sentence,  "flies" is a verb. Also "like" has different meanings in both sentences.  While a human can understand this difference due to his/her social  experience, it would be extremely difficult for a computer program(in  particular, the parser of a compiler) to do so. This means that English  is not context-free and hence developing a parser which can make sense  of English sentences would be practically impossible given the numerous  permutations and combinations of verbs ,nouns and adjectives which can  be used to frame sentences in English.Now  Sanskrit avoids these problems because all possible sentences in  Sanskrit can be derived from 4000 odd rules . This would make it much  easier to develop a programming language based upon it  rather than some  other natural language (say English or German) .As  for practicality, natural languages are too cumbersome and unwieldy to  use as a programming language. When there are a variety of powerful  languages specifically designed for the purpose of programming a  computer , it is unlikely that Sanskrit's characteristics will ever be  put to practical use.
Being an employee of central government autonomous organization, will I be entitled to an HRA if I'm living in a central government quarter allotted to my father? If not, kindly prsuitable alternatives to claim an HRA.
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