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What are OTC markets?
Over the counter markets are markets in which to buy stocks or other securities that have fewer listing and maintenance requirements than the normal public exchanges like NYSE . Companies don't have to give out as much financial information and usually they don't because it is cheaper for them. Usually OTC markets have a lot of smaller companies many of which are not well run. Sometimes companies that are listed on a foreign exchange will also list on the OTC in the U.S. in order to avoid the extra work since they are already doing rigorous accounting and reporting for the domestic exchange they are listed on.Generally investors prefer having more information, regulation, and auditing and they avoid the OTC markets.
Can investing occur in OTC markets?
Yes, that is exactly what occurs in OTC markets.Stocks under $5 per share are generally listed in OTC/pinksheet markets rather than proper exchanges, but they still function exactly the same as other stocks, they just happen to be called penny stocks. Investing works exactly the same way in OTC markets, as it does on the NYSE. The issue is that penny stocks generally have a lot of issues at the company level, which is why they are priced so low - they are struggling and there is no prospect of continued success. They don't get a lot of attention from investors. Similarly they tend to have small market caps, and low trading volume, making them very illiquid and poor investments. Penny stocks don't trade like normal stocks, they tend to trade like lottery tickets, and you should avoid them.
How the OTC market in USA works?
There are two main types of OTC venues:1. An inter-dealer broker, a firm that acts as an intermediary to match a buyer and seller. An inter-dealer broker is a person who will do the advertisement for a fixed fee or charge to both the buyers and sellers for their matchmaking services.2. A principal OTC trading company, a company that will act as the direct counterparty and takes on the end to end trading risk. Principal OTC trading company will work on a similar process as an inter-dealer broker. They can predict the value based on market demand and how well they can manage their risk.How does an OTC trader make money?They follow simple technique as we can call it Zero sum game. They buy the bitcoins at the low price and sell them at a high price. The network they have built with the financial investors makes their OTC trading often possible. This is helpful for institutional investors who are ready to buy cryptocurrency at large numbers. The OTC traders target this type of investors and rotate their wings towards the OTC trading as much as possible. Read this one to learn more about OTC market.
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