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Can investing occur in OTC markets?
Yes that is exactly what occurs in OTC markets.Stocks under 5 per share are generally listed in OTCpinksheet markets ratherthan proper exchanges but they still function exactly the same as otherstocks they just happen to be called penny stocks. Investing works exactlythe same way in OTC markets as it does on the NYSE. The issue is that pennystocks generally have a lot of issues at the company level which is why theyare priced so low they are struggling and there is no prospect of continuedsuccess. They dont get a lot of attention from investors. Similarly they tendto have small market caps and low trading volume making them very illiquidand poor investments. Penny stocks dont trade like normal stocks they tendto trade like lottery tickets and you should avoid them.
How the OTC market in USA works?
There are two main types of OTC venues1. An interdealer broker a firm that acts as an intermediary to match abuyer and seller. An interdealer broker is a person who will do theadvertisement for a fixed fee or charge to both the buyers and sellers fortheir matchmaking services.2. A principal OTC trading company a company that will act as the directcounterparty and takes on the end to end trading risk. Principal OTC tradingcompany will work on a similar process as an interdealer broker. They canpredict the value based on market demand and how well they can manage theirrisk.How does an OTC trader make moneyThey follow simple technique as we can call it Zero sum game. They buy thebitcoins at the low price and sell them at a high price. The network they havebuilt with the financial investors makes their OTC trading often possible.This is helpful for institutional investors who are ready to buycryptocurrency at large numbers. The OTC traders target this type of investorsand rotate their wings towards the OTC trading as much as possible. Read thisone to learn more about OTC market.
What does "OTCMKTS: ... " mean? Does it mean the company trades over thecounter, or that the info on the stock is given by company "OTC Markets"?
OTC Markets is a company that provides a market place on which overthecounter stocks in the US can list and be traded much in the same way thatNasdaq or NYSE are companies that pra market place for publicly listedstocks in the US to trade. Companies often like to list here because therequirements are far less stringent than what the SEC requires to list stockon a national market exchange. OTC Markets has several different levels oflistings which generally relate to how legitimate of a company each listingis. You can read more about their listing tiers on their website.When you see OTCMKTS that means whatever security you are looking at tradesspecifically on the OTC Markets platform.
Neurobiochemistry: Do they actually sell Oxytocin on the OTC market? If so,what happens if a psychopath takes it?
Edit for starters I should have let people unfamiliar with Oxytocin knowthat it is a Hormone that works as a neurotransmitter. It is NOT Oxycontinnor is it related to it nor any other opiate.I don’t know if still available on the market in ampule form or if you’ll beable to find a cooperative doctor but I was able to use Oxytocin as a nosespray in the past. I think it has uses in medical operations. My gynecologistordered it for me when I had trouble breastfeeding as it works for the “letdown” stage. He provided me with ampules which I then put in a empty nosespray container and sniffed.I may have had to dilute it some before use. It’s been about 20 years since Idid this. If it was diluted it said how much on the packet or I did aninternet search.It had no sideeffects that I can recall but then I’m neurotypical. This isstill controversial but of the genes that are thought relevant to this mineare 5050 and I believe my mother to have been psychopathic. The oxytocinmade me feel more warm empathetic weepy and patient towards my baby. I wascautioned to use it only intermittently so that it wouldn’t have a reboundaffect and stop working or make it even harder to nurse. Good luck.Edited to add some things can be bought overseas that can’t be bought herebut be very careful with this. Also are you sure that as a psychopath you haveno and not just a very low supply One natural means of increasingyour supply is through nipple stimulation even with your fingers. It doesn’tnecessarily feel good it’s just persistent lengthy stimulation that doesthe trick • at least 5 minutes. 15 would be better. Signs that you’ve done itlong enough would be the same sort of things you’d get for sex • lubricationetc.EDIT Need to add that the affect doesn’t last. I was just talking to someoneabout this and it reminded me of more useful info. Each sniff will only giveyou about 15–30 minutes of more empathetic feelings. So it’s not a fix. It’sreally just an experiment in feelings.And if you use it too much you can get a rebound effect meaning that your ownwill go down for a while. Your body will actually make less so youwill be less empathetic for a while. Like how cold medicine and some otherdrugs work. If I remember correctly I was told not to use the morethan once or twice a week. I used it more and didn’t have a problem but pleaseerr on the side of caution until you know how it affects you.
What is the difference between exchange listed options and OTC market optionsthat make automatic market making possible?
Id like to write some thoughts myself here. The biggest difference betweenexchange options and OTC options is liquidity. Exchange options is more liquid many investors and other market makers tradeon them thus there is market quotes. Similar to cash equity market makingmarket maker would focus on the risk control of market quotes price ivmoving and earn from the bidask spread. Of course a bit more complicated asmore risk factors to options except for delta like vega gamma and theta. The OTC market is different usually the market maker need to prexoticoptions products which are customized by client and not liquid. There is nomarket quote price you need to synthesize it using other liquid productpricing for it yourself and sell to client with some premium. The risk is ifprice valued by yourself accurate or not. Also the requirement for such aproduct it not frequent. So it makes it very difficult of automatic marketmaking on such product. BTW the OTC exotic products are similar to the art investment market whichis also not liquid and you need to judge the value pricing yourself.
Why secondary market of the most bonds are traded in the over the counter(otc) market and not via exchanges?
The general answer is that there are too many different bonds which come indifferent shapes and sizes so you cant have bond exchanges because a singleissuer can have a lot of different bonds that are not fungible differentmaturities different coupons different covenants. So the average investorwould be lost among all the subtleties and differences. This explanation does not however address the issue of why cant we havemarkets for every single bond. Id like to venture an answer here. There would be no liquidity for lack of market makers• interest inparticipating. Bonds are much less volatile than stocks making themunattractive to speculative trading. The main source Id say around 90 ofprice movements for any bond comes from changes in benchmark interest ratesand there is a very deep liquid market to play these moves government bondsand government bond futures traded on exchanges. The remaining 10 of pricechanges are specific to the issuer of the bond and affect its credit spread. While the average daily price movement of a stock may be around 2 theaverage price movement of a bond due to changes in its credit spread leavingaside benchmark interest rates could be as low as 0.1 overall. There’s notenough room to make a profit trading the price movement of the bond so theonly trades left are due to buyandhold portfolio rebalancing much lessfrequent. To make a market makers job worthwhile the bidask spread on abond its making a market for should be huge to compensate for the scarcityof trades which would discourage bond trading even more. Moreover bonds havematurity dates so theres an alternative to sell them and take a loss on thebidask spread just hold to maturity. There’s just not enough money to be made by establishing and running anexchange for individual bonds apart from Treasuries.
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