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Is there "real" money to still to be made in the penny stock markets (NASDAQ &OTC)?
No. Penny stocks are a sucker’s game.Penny stocks are not starter stocks for novices. They are broken companiesempty shells and some frauds.Poor liquidity and wide bidask spreads make them very expensive to trade as apercent of transaction.Then there are PUMP and DUMP scams. You will not get in early. You will notoutscam the scammers.None are followed by Wall Street analysts so there are no published estimatesfor earnings or revenues.Many penny stocks are not current in SEC filings which makes it pretty muchimpossible to do your own research.Microcap Stock A Guide for Investors
Can I start day trading stocks on the NASDAQ, OTC, and NYSE from my country? Icurrently live in Cyprus, Europe.
You can I have done it in the past from Europe and Asia. Though Asia timedifference is a real killer. You can have real edge coming well prepared tofirst 30min.I would look at opening account for example with Interactive BrokersI usethem. You can deposit money in Euros Dollars or Pounds and have the accountbase currency of your choice. If you are planning only US I would have basecurrency as dollars to avoid currency loans.If you really want to daytrade full time there are few things you need toknow. US SEC regulation will require you to have minimum account balance of25K and to avoid any issues I would advise to have at least 30K 35K forstarters. Interactive Brokers also requires minimum of 10K to open anaccount but if you deposit more this is not an issue anyway. They just want aproof identity and address for example recent bank statement and you have anaccount.Costs you need to calculate are comission slippage and data. Your lot size isoften small so you end up paying 1 min commission for the trade perdirection. If you trade major stocks slippage is not an issue in US. Data forstocks you end up spending anything between 10 30 per month as amature forreal time data. If you turn full time pro expect this to become at least 100 300 per month.
Can I trade stocks from markets such as NASDAQ, OTC and NYSE from my country?I currently live in Cyprus, Europe.
There are many brokers out there.Choose one of them to trade in US stock market.I am using Tradeking and it works perfectly. It is cheap and for a rendfollower like me it is more than enough.Kind regardsFredrick Mystocktobuy Mystocktobuy
How can I search markets like NASDAQ and the DOW or OTC for stocks trading ata certain price?
If you want to look for stocks ranging at different price points there is anumber of softwares that allow you to seperate stocks based off your filtersthat you apply to them. If you want to want to use brokerages and online firmsto help you invest in these stocks adhere to the following advice. In order toinvest in companies through the stock market you must go through a brokerage.There is a number of places you could go to perform different trades atdifferent amounts but it ultamately depends on you and what you want to investin how much money you want to put in and if you are comfortable in investingin risky or safer stocks. If you are a beginner I would suggest using serviceslike Stockpile where they make it easy to learn to invest in safer blue chipstocks in order to get a feel for the market. But if you are more experiencedand have more money to invest consider Etrade and the software and variety ofstocks it has to offer.
When an OTC company uplists to Nasdaq/NYSE, are they raising capital, too?
No. When companies move exchanges it is kind of like when people move todifferent countries.Stocks uplist to the Nasdaq and NYSE because there’s more money there. Acompany that may have been trading 5000 shares on the OTC may see itsactivity rise to 50000 shares traded. This is in part because smart moneyhas algo trading going on in the larger exchanges not enough volume in theOTC for algo trading.
Can an investor own a majority stake of OTC shares the way he would a stock onthe NYSE or NASDAQ, and what would be the benefit?
OTC stocks are typically small cap startups. If you want to become an activistshareholder of OTC companies it honestly would be easier to reach out to thecompany directly.You did say “manage”…which intimates you think you can take control of acompany by buying enough shares. I doubt that the board of any company wouldwant an unknown person running the company and they would take measures toensure this would not happen.Business is like a marriage and you should really personally know who runsthe company you are interested in doing business with.
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