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Otcbb daily list Form: What You Should Know

S.-based exchange. The list contains market information for OTC (over-the counter) securities for which the company is listed on U.S. and international exchanges and is accessible at .com/ticker.  Daily List Product Description — Marketers, Inc. The Daily List provides key corporate action data — including new listings, deli stings, symbol and name changes and dividends — for the Nasdaq Stock Market.  The list contains news, executive reports, executive communications, corporate announcements and company announcements for NASDAQ-listed securities which the company is listed on.  Product Description — The Securities Index Exchange (SIX) The SIX is an index consisting of all securities traded by SIX members that trade on a securities exchange. Daily List Product Description — Nasdaq Broker The Daily List provides key corporate action data — including new listings, deli stings, symbol and name changes and dividends — for the Nasdaq Stock Market and also for OTC securities for which the company is listed on a U.S.-based exchange. The list contains market information for OTC (over-the-counter) securities for which the company is listed on U.S. and international exchanges and is accessible at .com/ticker.  Daily List Product Description — The Nasdaq Trade Data Exchange (NIX) The Nasdaq Trade Data Exchange (NIX) is the second-largest electronic stock market in the world, with over 1 million securities traded daily. The Daily List includes the daily market activity and news for stocks that are listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market and in its related NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) market.  Daily List Product Description — NASDAQ Global Traders The NASDAQ Global Traders Daily News & Information Service provides a summary of market news and information to US and international institutional and institutional non-members, as well as NASDAQ-listed securities.  Daily List Product Description — The SEC Investor News & Research Service The SEC Investor News & Research Service provides an electronic bulletin board with live price, volume, technical conditions and insider news to US and international institutional and institutional non-members.

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FAQ - Otcbb daily list

Where can I get a list of penny stocks on NSE/BSE?
Penny stocks are highly infamous Amongst the active traders.People often fall for these stocks and then finally realize that these stocks are worthless.These stocks are gaining good ground in the Indian stock market, as fresh inflows and liquidity driving the market higher and higher.After going through 1700+ stocks in NSE, we have compiled a list of penny stocks that are traded on NSE (National stock exchange).Penny stocks below Rs.10:Penny stocks list, trading below Rs.10. But some of these stocks have gone way too high, I have not deleted those stocks.Look at the price as a motivation for investing in Penny stocks. (Price as on 7 February 2019).You will need to check the charts of these stocks. If the stock has given a breakout then buy positions can be taken.Otherwise, just wait and watch. Since these stocks are not actively traded, liquidity and cost of trading can be significantly high.It is therefore advised to check the best bid / best offer before executing a trade.Penny stocks list, trading below Rs.10. But some of these stocks have gone way too high, I have not deleted those stocks.Look at the price as a motivation for investing in Penny stocks. (Price as on 7 February 2019).And Many of the most widely held top holdings in benchmark indices may also get movement in the event of a significant gap up or down in the S&P 500 futures.And Stocks such as Apple Inc.tend to get trades as early at 4 a.m. EST. Pre-Market Trading.Here, since the market is so thin before 8 a.m. EST.Hence, there is a very little benefit to trading so early. What is Pre Market NSE?And In fact, it can be quite risky due to the possible slippage from exceptionally wide bid-ask spreads.Hence, Most brokers begin pre-market access at 8 a.m. EST.And This is when the volume picks up simultaneously across the board.Hence, especially for stocks indicating a gap higher or lower based on news or rumors.And The pre-market indications for a stock can be especially tricky for traders and should only be interpreted lightly. What is Pre Market NSE?Hence, Stocks can appear strong pre-market, only to reverse direction at the normal market open at 9:30 a.m. EST.And Only the most experienced traders should ever consider trading in the pre-market.Therefore, one advantage is the ability to get an early jump on reactions to news releases.And the limited amount of volume can give the perception of strength or weakness.That can be deceptive and false.Thus, when the market opens as real volume comes into play.Hence, Premarket trading can only be executed with limit orders through electronic communication networks.And if you want to invest in a stock market, then you should know how to invest in a stock market.Such as (ARCA), Instinet (INCA), Island (ISLD) and Bloomberg Trade Book (BTRD).Therefore Market makers are not permitted to execute orders until 9:30 a.m. EST. opening bell.What is Pre Market NSEPre-market and after-hours tradingHere, Some of the most important market moves take place outside the NYSE and Nasdaq regular trading session of 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.And EST (Eastern Standard Time).Here, Price volatility is driven by forces outside the regular trading session.And knowing how to trade stocks and futures during this period is an opportunity for investors looking to profit. What is Pre Market NSE?Hence, The often-volatile pre-market trading session is widely followed to gauge the market outlook ahead of the regular open.Economic IndicatorsThe Economic indicators are key drivers of price action in the pre-market trading session.Hence, A majority of important economic releases are issued at 8:30 a.m.EST, 1 hour before the New York market opens.And Market reaction to the data can cause substantial price moves and set the trading tone for the day.Hence, The Employment Situation Summary, issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at 8:30 a.m.EST on the 1st Friday of every month is the release with the greatest impact on the market.And Other major market-moving reports released at 8:30 a.m.EST include the gross domestic product (GDP).Hence, Looking at the analyst expectations for these numbers will help you understand the market reaction.Usually, the biggest market moves occur.When the number far exceeds or misses the expected forecast.And creating high volatility and the trading risks and opportunities that accompany it. What is Pre Market NSE?Earnings ReleasesHere, Earnings season refers to the period.In which publicly traded companies release their quarterly earnings reports.Earnings season starts 1 or 2 weeks after the end of each quarter.Despite its best efforts, BSE Ltd has ended up with nearly zero market share in the equity derivatives segment, the largest category in the exchange business in India.And notwithstanding a 120-year head start over NSE, its market share in the cash equities segment has dwindled to 13.4%, from 33% ten years ago.Put together, BSE has only a tiny sliver in the market for trading Indian equities.But itu2019s making the most of its toehold. So far this financial year, transaction fee income in the equity segment is running at an annualized rate of Rs138 crore, and has nearly trebled since FY15 (Rs48.5 crore).Average daily turnover, meanwhile, has risen by just 22% during this period.The huge jump in fee income has been possible because of a differential pricing strategy.Since 1 January 2023. trading members have been asked to pay 10 basis points (bps) as fees for a large number of stocks that are exclusively traded on BSE.Last year, fee for a sub-set within this so-called exclusive segment was raised to 100bps. Such charges are unheard of in the Indian exchange business.Penny stocks usually move when a high-value order is punched, with just a few orders stocks can hit their upper circuit.When trading penny stocks always keep in mind, never build a huge position in any of these stocks.If the market decided to move in the opposite direction then losses can also magnifyPenny stocks need to be considered cautiously, as you can lose more money when compared to mid cap stocks.Also, confirm with your stockbroker, charges such as brokerage and Demat charges could cost you higher for these type of holdings.However, the stocks which have given a nice breakout along with some news. Can be considered low-risk stocks.Trading in penny stocks is like buying a lottery ticket. You can win a jackpot or you will lose all, so be very careful.I personally donu2019t like trading in penny stocks. Instead, I would prefer buying OTM (out of the money) bank nifty call or put option on expiry day.The risk would be very limited, but potential gains could be extremely high
What are some must-read books for stock traders?
Either youu2019re an experienced trader or just the beginner, reading books will help you to have the better understanding of the world, give you mental strength and make you smart, especially if those books are about trading. Hereu2019s the list of 5 books that I think will help you to improve your trading performance and get the better understanding of markets:1. Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the MarketsNassim Taleb is the well-known, best-selling author of a number of books about life, psychology and trading. One of his first major works Fooled by Randomness had become a must-read book for traders and investors all around the globe. In it, the author describes different situations that are happening with us, and their impact on our perception of reality. Recommended for everyone, who likes to see finance from a philosophical perspective.Purchase the book on Amazon.2. The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly ImprobableAnother book from Nassim Taleb that describes different activities that occur daily and have an impact on our lives. In it youu2019ll find a lot of interesting information that will help you to better understand yourself and make some fundamental changes in your trading.Purchase the book on Amazon.3. The PlayBook: An Inside Look at How to Think Like a Professional TraderThe PlayBook is a book written by Mike Bellafiore, who is the owner of the proprietary trading firm SMB Capital. Over the length of his career, Mike met thousands of traders that later become his students and helped them to improve their trading performance by guiding them. A lot of the guidance is written in this book, but you can also find Mike on social networks and start a conversation with him.Purchase the book on Amazon.4. Price Action Breakdown: Exclusive Price Action Trading Approach to Financial MarketsThis one is more of a technical book. It describes a pure price action analysis at the markets and different methods of how to use them. Recommended for those who are interested more in the price action trading than fundamental trading.Purchase the book on Amazon.5. Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading SetupsMastering the Trade is a great trading guide for beginners that want to learn more about our industry. The book describes all the major techniques that traders use and different setups and patterns recognition methods that will be valuable for the career in trading.Purchase the book on Amazon.Also, donu2019t forget to read the best books on hedge-funds: Bohdan Kucheriavyi's answer to What books should I read if I want to be a hedge fund manager in the future?And if You want to learn more about trading, donu2019t forget to check our site: prop trading NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCBB
What are the benefits of maintaining the autonomy of a small company?
A major benefit of maintaining autonomy is not being subject to another entityu2019s decisions and plans that may be counter to your success. My cautionary tale follows. It is a blow-by-blow account from my archives of contemporaneous notes and documents that illustrates how hubris combined with political motivations and ignorance by those with controlling interest in a company can destroy that companyu2019s current successes and potential while dragging it into the depths of depravity. Trigger warning: For many, this will be TL - especially for those disinterested in u201cancient historyu201d.A team of 4 from SAS Institute started Tangram Systems Corp in 1986. Subsequently, we raised $2.1M from a consortium of venture capitalists to build Arbiter, a VTAM subsystem capable of efficiently supporting very large numbers of PCs connected to IBM mainframes. The VCs had 51% voting control upon closing the A-series. This was acceptable to me and my team because we believed all decisions would be based upon sound, business-based rationale toward the financial success of the Company.We developed the product and entered beta test at several companies within a week of plan and under budget. References from the betas were very, very positive with 100% converting to paying Customers. This was a significant valuation-enhancing event. Our plan of record was to leverage it to close a B-series at a substantially higher per share price than the A-series. The use of funds from a B raise was to expand sales and support while launching a market benefits & brand awareness campaign. Since we had maintained a growing consulting business with IBM, USPS, Lotus Development Corp and EDS, we had more cash on hand than originally planned so the board, over my objections, decided to defer the planned raise.Even at the increased valuation we discussed with new leads, a majority of the VC consortium refused to allow the B-series raise. That raise would have required each current investor to add new money on a pro rata basis with the new investors. Two of the original investors had planned, but failed, to raise new funds so they couldnu2019t invest in a new round. The other VCs didnu2019t want them to be subjected to the pay-to-play provisions in the original deal. Besides, Tangram wasnu2019t under immediate threat of going out of business without the new money, so letu2019s kick that can down the road. Having given up voting control, we were hostage to the politics of our VC consortium.Their decision severely restricted our ability to market and sell Arbiter. Having said that, we achieved break-even cash flow several months after NPI. But maintaining and growing beyond monthly break-even was a significant, unsustainable balancing act without marketing programs and additional sales staff. I finally convinced the Board to revisit the interest in acquiring Tangram that Lotus had shown months earlier. Jim Manzi had floated the idea during a meeting in Cambridge, MA based upon his staffu2019s analysis of future cash flows to Tangram once Lotus began paying license fees and royalties for the use of Arbiter within their emergent mainframe product portfolio.I had a short list of potentially interested acquirers with whom we were either in discussions or had active projects. Without additional funding, we were severely limited in adding new co-development projects to the several in progress with Lotus. Even with DCA and Novell willing to pay non-recoverable engineering fees, we simply didnu2019t have the cash to hire, equip, train and deploy new developers. I was transparent about our situation with our partners.: adding projects meant multi-tasking existing staff to the detriment of current projects.DCA had active co-development projects, independent of Tangram, with Lotus and Novell. And, they talked. Therefore, my inquiry caused a flurry of discussions among them because all three shared interest in using aspects of Tangramu2019s intellectual properties. They decided that DCA was a better fit to acquire Tangram and was best positioned to address the collaborative projects that the others wanted to implement. As a result, I received a call from Howard Laffler of DCA wanting to discuss acquisition.Since I planned to stay with the purchasing entity, the VCs sidelined me from the direct negotiations. The VCs griped that they werenu2019t able to get a bidding war going among the three but finally reached agreement on a price. The price wasnu2019t a home run for the investors but the IRR was very good. The agreement included a no shop provision during DCAu2019s 30-day due diligence period. DCA began a formal, professional, inclusive process to evaluate u2023 well u2023 everything. They were excited about the acquisition as were the founding team and our employees.Unfortunately, during this period Ray Noorda told his board of directors about his plan to incorporate Novell Netware into the Arbiter platform once the DCA acquisition was completed. A representative of Safeguard Scientifics, a vulture capital firm sitting on Novellu2019s board, used this information inappropriately. They called Al Berkeley, at that time a GP at Alex Brown & Sons, and discussed Tangram. ABS was actually a licensee of Arbiter software and Berkeley was a major cheerleader for Tangram as the software solved some significant u201cmicro-to-mainframeu201d file transfer problems for them. Warren Musser, founder of Safeguard, believed that if the DCA-Tangram match was u201cgoodu201d then a Rabbit Software-Tangram deal would be even better u2023 for Safeguard.Rabbit Software was a failing publicly traded company controlled by Safeguard. Itu2019s addressable market couldnu2019t sustain a publicly traded Company so Safeguard kept them afloat. Like DCA, Rabbit was a micro-to-mainframe vendor but the companies marginally competed due to Rabbitu2019s limited product portfolio and market penetration. Neither Musser nor Berkeley performed any due diligence to understand the inadequacy of Rabbit to add value to Tangram from any u2023 sales channels, marketing, technology, corporate infrastructure u2023 from ANY u2023 perspective. Yet, they made the decision to try to break the no shop.Since Berkeley knew me well, he called me at home.Al: I hear rumors about Tangram and DCA. Whatu2019s going on?n really canu2019t say. Weu2019re in black out.n hear theyu2019re buying you. You know Alex Brown has done all of their public offerrings. All I have to do is call them but Iu2019d rather get it from you.nl had been very, very supportive of Tangram and me, personally so I relented. I confirmed the deal.nthe next week, I received daily calls from Al trying to reduce my support for the DCA acquisition. A sampling from my notes:Al: Why isnu2019t Tangram working with Rabbitu2019s SDLC adapter?necause none of our customers or prospects are asking for that support. Rabbit has zero market share where we're selling.nould you develop a driver for them anyways?nes, if theyu2019ll send one to me.n Since our sales activity had no overlap, Rabbit management saw no benefit working with us. Despite Al's repeated requests of them, they never sent an adapter. Turned out that Rabbit management was unaware of the Musser-Berkeley decision that Rabbit and Tangram should be combined.nid you know that Nordin (DCA's CEO) is reportedly very ill? That may change the way DCA acquires Tangram.nl, DCA's board has approved the deal and I'm working with Laffler, President of the division so I don't believe Nordin's health is an issue.n Berkeley was trying to find a way to diminish my enthusiasm for the DCA acquisition, Safeguard was striking a deal with the VC.On the day that the investors and DCA were to meet in Tangramu2019s offices to close the deal, none of the investors showed. I couldnu2019t reach any of them by phone. The DCA HR team had provided offer letters and employment agreements to each employee the previous day. We all sat around waiting. At the end of the day, DCA executives and their HR team packed up and left. Still no word from the VCs.The Tangram investors had agreed to not show up for the closing with DCA which was on the same day the u201cno shopu201d expired. Then, all the investors sold their shares to Safeguard supposedly after the expiration. I would hear later that the VCs were forced to pay DCA the money the VCs received from Safeguard in order to stave off a lawsuit for breaking the no shop.The next day Musser, Berkeley and others from Safeguard walked in to Tangramu2019s offices the next day and took control. Literally.The day before each Tangram employee knew precisely his/her role within the DCA-Tangram combination and had an employment contract from DCA, Musser and Berkeley walked in with an attorney and a chart.The chart was a graphic of Novellu2019s revenue from inception to IPO. Musser, after congratulating us on being Safeguardu2019s newest u201cpartneru201d, used the chart to take credit for Novellu2019s existence as well as its success going public. Other than u201cNothingu2019s changed, weu2019re your new partnersu201d Musser had zero to say about any business issue that the DCA-Tangram combination addressed.The attorney carried Board resolutions that replaced the existing Directors with Safeguard stooges; exacted a monthly fee for all the u201cservicesu201d that Safeguard provided their captive u201cpartnersu201d whether needed or not. I was told u201cDonu2019t worry that you canu2019t afford the Safeguard fees and expenses, weu2019ll loan you the money to pay us.u201d Tangram had just gone from a marginally cash flow positive company to one deeply in the hole but Musser was into u201cgood news, glad-handingu201d, not operational detail so none of his people would allow discussion about the reality of what they had done.In the following week(s),all collaboration with DCA and Novell ended.Safeguard resigned from Novellu2019s board - it was rumored that Noorda was so enraged by their ethical breech he kicked Safeguard off the board. Regardless, Safeguard went from being disliked by Noorda to vehemently abhorred.The uproar from DCA against Alex Brownu2019s meddling was so intense that Berkeley decided to take a leave of absence to become u2023 wait for it u2023 CEO of Rabbit Software. During this period, ABS analysts with whom I was friendly kept trying to distance ABS from Berkeleyu2019s actions but Al was an ABS GP after all u2026.Lotus was so shocked by the turn of events that all projects, except the completion of their data center which we had designed and were managing build-out as general contractors, were placed on hold. Manzi wanted to understand how he could trust Tangramu2019s financial viability and ability to support Lotus moving forward under Safeguardu2019s control.Manziu2019s answer had to wait until Musser accepted a new budget for Tangram. The DCA-Tangram budget was useless because it leveraged DCAu2019s channels, existing marketing teams, volume discounts based upon existing ad placements; it also included hiring to support NRE-based projects with Lotus and Novell u2023 none of which would occur as planned, if at all. Berkeley, who still was with ABS, vetted my work and kept saying u201cwe donu2019t want to scare Uncle Pete with big numbers u2026u201d!?!! It was obvious that their ONLY consideration was how much to pay the VCs for their controlling interest.The backlash against Alex Brown and Berkeley as well as the loss of our co-development partners u2023 not of my making u2023 made me suspect to the Safeguard team. I will admit that I provided to DCA photocopies of my copious notes from Bekeleyu2019s daily calls trying to undermine my support for the acquisition. All of my actions, from protesting against a Rabbit-Tangram merger (i.e., no one could pra business rationale) to pushing against other harmful-to-Tangram decisions by ignorant Safeguard personnel, were to maintain and grow the value of Safeguardu2019s and the employeesu2023 (including my) shares.The political climate within Safeguard between pro- and anti- Rabbit-Tangram merger advocates was professionally cordial in front of Pete but toxic, nevertheless. Berkeley became CEO of Rabbit. Suprisingly, he had no u201cofficialu201d business capacity with Tangram other than the demand for Tangram to support Rabbitu2019s products despite there being no (thatu2019s a big ZERO) demand from customers.Evidently, Musser was put off by the lack of celebration and enthusiasm from Tangram. Actually, thatu2019s false. Musser was put off by the total antipathy toward this takeover by everyone, except our Controller, at Tangram.So instead of Berkeley having a seat at Tangram, Musser appointed a Safeguard Senior VP to u201cmanageu201d us. Berkeley continued his nightly calls to me for updates about what was going on at Tangram and I gave him an earful. Despite his non-official capacity, it was apparent that he was trying to gain insights toward countering the SVPu2019s influence with Musser.The SVP, being very important and too busy for business detail, appointed his minion, an ivy league MBA named Chard, who was keen to demonstrate his importance and mastery of our business u2023 no input from us required. Our 1st meeting presaged his impact on the Company.We had agreed to meet at 9 am but I was on a very positive sales call with a major prospect so was 10u201315 minutes late as I entered the conference room. Chard was annoyed that I prioritized a sales call over his meeting. We were interrupted by my admin who stepped in to hand me a coffee. Chard told her, u201ctwo creams and a sugaru201d as she was leaving. She turned around and said u201ccoffee isnu2019t in my job descriptionu201d and turned to leave. u201cBut you brought hisu201d, pointing to me. u201cMichael normally gets his own about now but came straight here after the sales call. I brought his coffee out of respect for his time, not because he expected it.u201d She walked out. Chardu2019s face was flushed a brilliant red u2023 u201cWelcome to Tangram,u201d I chuckled. u201cDo you know where the break room is?u201dChard demanded to participate in every meeting and u201cimportantu201d conversations with prospects, staff etc. A hallway u201cpick-up sessionu201d with a sales person that might draw in a support tech and move to a white board became me being insubordinate because I didnu2019t call Chard away from his interviewing staff to participate. He pointedly told me that Safeguard would manage the withering Lotus relationship. They did. It died.With Chardu2019s meddling in general; the new and rapidly growing rumor mill among Tangram-Rabbit-Safeguard employees; and his u201cinterviewingu201d Tangram employees with questions like u201cIf founder insert name here leaves, who should replace him?u201d, the Company was in complete disarray. As I tried to redirect Tangramu2019s focus back to selling, Berkeley decided I needed to hire a VP of Sales so he sent me the resume of a totally unqualified person. The only rationale he gave me was that Darwin Deason highly recommended her. u201cUh, Al u2023 if Deason recommends her so highly, why did she leave his employ seven months ago? and, why hasnu2019t she found work since?u201d No answer. Uncle Al simply ignored such questions. I had her resume, so do it.I interviewed her; called the references she provided; and talked to other people who had worked with her. The independent references were quite insightful. When asked why their uniformly critical and derogatory reviews were the opposite of the enthusiastically positive reviews from the references I was provided by the candidate, I was told that the four individuals provided quid pro quo complementary references for one another. Besides having no experience with system software sales, this candidate was a disaster waiting to be hired.When I called Berkeley to report my findings I learned that heu2019d told Pete she was the best candidate u2023 after all Deasonu2019s made big bucks so his recommendation is solid u2023 so Pete had drafted an offer letter as Tangramu2019s Chairman. WTF? Berkeley explained that she had another offer in the mill and unless she received an offer immediately sheu2019d take it. Wait, Al u2023 u201cin the millu201d isnu2019t the same as u201coffer in handu201d. Never mind, it was clear by now that once Peteu2019s supplicants told him anything, they never admitted error.My response to this was to resign as CEO to become Tangramu2019s VP, Marketing and Support. I discussed the transition with Berkeley before drafting the letter. Why act like Iu2019m in charge when Safeguardu2019s people are running roughshod over the company?Safeguardu2019s response was to hire an ex-Informatics sales executive who I knew well to be a profane, abusive manager. In one meeting with highly-technical influencers considering licensing Arbiter, Seyler interrupted my presentation about how data flowed from a PC over a specific IBM SNA configuration to be written on mainframe DASD by saying u201cwhat Campu2019s telling you is weu2019re plumbing. Arbiter moves shit from your PCs to the mainframe u2026u201d.After a few weeks of this, our new CEO called me to his (my old) office one morning and Chard joined him. Seyler explained that heu2019d replaced a founder as CEO at his previous employer. Over time, the founder regained good standing with his investors and Seyler lost his job. He wasnu2019t going to allow that to happen at Tangram so I was fired. Neither he nor Chard had read the employment agreements that the other founders and I signed with Safeguard to keep us from leaving after their takeover.Safeguard was surprised. At first Safeguard denied that Iu2019d been fired. After realizing that Chard & Seyler had announced my termination to employees, Safeguardu2019s focus was on keeping me from receiving my accelerated options for termination without cause. Finally, Berkeley brokered a deal whereby Iu2019d join Rabbit Software as VP, Marketing and Sales for the remaining six months of my vesting period and that would count toward my Tangram vesting period. My time with Rabbit is yet another story although Iu2019ll say that, based upon my positive impact there, I was verbally offered a position at Safeguard. How could I say u201cnou201d u2023 simply u2023 without a snarl u2023 without epithet. I couldnu2019t.When Seyleru2019s employment contract with Tangram expired, he left the Company. Safeguard found a new CEO who decided to take the company in another direction. Seven years after taking control of Tangram (1995), the original Musser-Berkeley vision finally prevailed: Tangram was merged into then long-standing penny stock, technically-bankrupt Rabbit Software. A new name, Tangram Enterprise Solutions emerged whereupon Safeguard and its favored executives continued to feed off the public markets as the company limped along on the OTCBB until it was acquired in 2023 for a measly $10M in stock and debt assumption by OPSWARE.What a waste.
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