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Should I start Forex trading or will I lose all my money?
It really depends on your mindset and mental resistance. The most important thing is risk management (which will prevent you from losing your money), as there is already an abundance of strategies.Learn by practise 3 things:Fundamental Analysis: The most important value determinant.Technical Analysis: Highly useful for timing and short-term trading.Sentiment Analysis: Best way to anticipate the end or continuation of a trend.Okay, so for Fundamental Analysis,if itu2019s for FX trading, you MUST master macroeconomics, learn the impacts of GDP trends, M2 supply, inflation, unemployment data, etc.If itu2019s for equity trading, you MUST master both macroeconomics and financial analysis of individual companies.If itu2019s for commodities, you MUST also master macroeconomics and the specifics of each commodity you want to trade.Alright, for Technical Analysis: The internet is swarmed by tutorials, charts, u2018expertsu2022 giving out their opinions, gurus, people asking you to give them money to trade on your behalf, others telling you they will make you rich by selling you a robot-advisor, etc. Choose your steps wisely. My advice? Find a book written by John Murphy or someone with proven skills (Also Scott Carney) and read it, while downloading a FREE software like Metatrader to test the concepts presented. Itu2019s all you, you can learn it alone (I certainly did).And now for the exotic analysis, Sentiment Analysis. This is my favourite one and itu2019s about anticipating what the smart money will do in the coming weeks. The smart money are the big players who can move the prices. So, the best strategy is to be on the same side as they are. I recommend you use the COT reports, they are the best market sentiment indicator out there. Of course you can also enroll in my new Udemy course on how to use them for FX, commodity, and equities trading (Applied Sentiment Analysis - Commitments of Traders Report) if you are feeling a little bit generous.All in all, you must learn these 3. If you also like maths, I will add Quantitative Analysis to the list !Cheers ! Good luck
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